Professional lock service in Budapest

Our company specialized in locks.

Many foreign English people live in Budapest, who needs our services. Usually they do not know whom to turn to with these lock problems.

Our colleagues can help you out. Our representatives speak English and experts in our service fields. Probably our locksmiths do not speak English well, but they always keep in touch with our operator, who will help with the translation.

Our locksmith service company has been serving the residents of Budapest since 2005. We started the business with changing locks, unlocking doors and installing bar locks.

As time went by, we had built a stable and friendly business relationship with four Italian security lock manufacturers. We know all the owners and we already spent many friendly and prosperous dinner and business lunch together in Italy. We had been in each factory and seen how the security locks were made. These companies are S.a.b., Potent, Cerutti and Iseo.

We can say that we know everything about security locks. We know how they work, how they are installed, how they look like inside, how they are made, everything. This is our main profile.

We provide professional locksmith services in Budapest.

We take on the following lock services:

  • cylinder exchange in any type of doors – we install only premium or middles category cylinders
  • lock mechanism and multi-point lock exchange
  • quality installations
  • secondary or bar lock installation for extra security
  • professional unlocking services
  • Chinese, plastic and security doors services from experts

Call our customer service Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 8 pm.

Our representative will ask you a few questions of your door and locks. Please help us answering the questions.

We are happy to receive photos of the door/locks by e-mail, this way we will be able to identify it precisely.

We always tell you our price in advance during the telephone conversation!

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Mobile: +36 70 770-2942

Security lock distribution

We are the distributor of the following security locks: Viro, Cerutti, Sab, Potent, Iseo, Securemme, Cisa, CR, Mottura, Dierre. All these security locks are in stock, so we can serve the Hungarian locksmiths, door manufacturers and private clients anytime. Quantity is not a problem for us, anyone can place an order, and we provide the locks immediately.

Security lock change

Any kind of security lock you have, we will take the job. We unlock/change your security lock on the spot. Professional work and warranty. You can rely on us! Contact our customer service Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 8 pm.

Door unlocking

It could happen to anyone that the keys of the door lock are nowhere to be found. Also, door unlocking service is needed when something happened with the lock and doesn’t operate anymore or it operates but heavily, not smoothly.

You will need unlocking your door, when you locked yourself out. It is very important to call a professional firm, which has experience in the door opening procedure. If you locked yourself out, we will unlock your front door without any damage caused.

Locksmith service for PVC door owners

If you possess a PVC door and you have problems with its lock, don’t hesitate to call us!

If you need to change the cylinder in your plastic door, if the lock system needs to be replaced, if you need door unlocking service, door opening service, need to have installed a new bar lock, just give us a call. Our customer service is open Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 8 pm.

We mostly work in Budapest, but you can call us from Pest County as well, we will go, and install, replace, change and fix the locks/doors for you.

Bar lock installing

Our technicians are dedicated to make our clients’ doors more secure against break-ins. We find extremely important to install the bar lock professionally, otherwise it won’t be able to fulfill its task. That is why we install only high-quality bar locks, which are strong and massive enough to secure the front door.

We also must mention the role of the cylinder. Our company find it essential to provide high quality cylinders for the bar lock. With a weak cylinder the bar lock is not able to provide the right protection. A weak cylinder can be an easy target for burglars. If the cylinder can be manipulated or be broken easily, the bar lock might be openable. This way, there’s no point to install the bar lock at all. To summarize, since the bar lock is a security lock, it is essential to use premium category cylinders, which cannot be broken, copied or manipulated in any way.

It is also important to manage how the bar lock can be installed the most secure way. Without the perfect fixing the bar lock cannot protect the door. The fixing must be strong, precise and massive.

The professional bar lock installing is not an easy assignment. We must be very careful, because we have to consider some major things. To install the right bar lock perfectly, we have to consider the thickness of the door, to study the walls surrounding the doors, because it must be fixed correctly and strongly.

We prefer installing our special and massive BARLOCK, which has the MABISZ’s (Association of the Hungarian Insurance Companies) certificate. This bar lock is extremely strong and perfect for regular doors. Generally, we install a few hundred lock bars yearly.

Lock change in Chinese doors

Changing the cylinders in the so-called Chinese doors is not an easy job. Since the door is made in China, all the measurements are different from the European standard. In this door’s case the cylinder change is not like, that you just pull the screws out and put the new cylinder’s screws in, and that’s it.

If you need a lock change, cylinder change in your Chinese door, contact us immediately and we do the work for you.

We advise you not to try to change or replace any locks in this door! Seek professional help! Call our call center and we help you out!

Changing locks after burglary

We can help you in this horrible situation, after the police officers left the spot. We always try to figure out the most perfect solution for our customers after this terrible experience. We change locks, cylinders, and fix the door as much as possible. We can install a new bar lock or a secondary security lock, and make sure no one will be able to break in again. We give professional advice to our customers how we can strengthen their door, how we can make it more secure.

Don’t hesitate to call us, professional help is on the way! Warranty and good prices!

Call: +36-70-770-2942

Locksmith in Budapest from Monday to Friday,

between 8 am and 8 pm.