Distribution and selling of professional cylinders, bar locks with MABISZ certificate, high security rim locks, Italian security locks for armored doors, mortise locks and handles for Chinese doors, Fuhr and Süco multipoint locks

Bar locks

Our company distributes and sells only massive and reliable bar locks in 800, 850 and 900 cm sizes.

The bar locks are available in horizontal, vertical and half-sided versions.

The finishing is white colour.

The bar locks are made in Hungary and possess MABISZ certificate.

The selling price is 45.000 forints.

Italian security locks

As a main distributor of the Italian security locks for armored doors, we can sell them for a reasonable price.

Whether it is operated with double bitted keys, such as Viro/Cerutti locks, or interchangeable security locks of Potent, Sab 1580/28 security locks, Moia (O.M.R.) and Iseo security locks for armored doors, Securemme locks or spare nucleus, Cisa or Dierre combination key sets, Dierre/Atra security locks, CR security locks (CR mode dep is on the key head), we have them on stock.

You can possess the locks today by visiting our office, or we send them by overnight, registered package, COD.

The prices of the security locks, which operated by double bitted keys are between 40.000 and 65.000 forints. The combination key sets cost 27-28.000 forints and the spare nucleus of Securemme cost 24.000 forints.

Chinese mortise locks for HiSec, Secdoors, TerraSec doors

The Chinese front doors, which are present in Hungary, can be found installed with a single or double lock.

Usually the thinner doors are installed with a single lock; the thicker ones are installed with double locks. These locks are called mortise locks.

If you send us a picture of the door we can identify you the door type and lock you have. You can also contact our customer service and our colleague will help you out.

The Chinese mortise locks are either left or right sided. Lately their latches are reversible.

The lock located under the handle is the main lock, which provides multiple closures. The upper lock provides only one-way closure.

These kinds of Chinese front doors were on sale in OBI, Bauhaus, and Praktiker stores, but one could get them from the internet as well, by ordering HiSec, TerraSec and Secdoors.

The Chinese mortise locks are on stock. You can have them immediately by visiting us, or by overnight mail, cash on delivery.

The prices of the mortise locks for Chinese doors are between 9.500 and 14.700 forints.

Door handles and defenders for Chinese front doors

The door handles, and defenders are originally installed by the door manufactory. The handles provide the smooth opening/closing of the doors, the defenders supposed to protect the cylinder.

The problem is that those doors’ handles, which were bought from the stores, are made of a weak material. That is why the handle breaks down very easily and very soon. In addition, if the door itself were installed improperly, the clients need to push/pull the handle with each closure and it breaks.

We found a solution for this problem; we only sell the reinforced version of the handles. It won’t break, and it protects the cylinder more efficiently.

Usually there is no problem with the upper lock’s defender.

We have the handles/defenders on stock, you can have it right now, or we mail it to you. Cash on delivery, overnight mail.

Defenders for upper and main lock, handles for the Chinese, HiSec, Secdoors, TerraSec doors are available. Prices are between 7.000 and 14.700 forints. Handles’ versions: handle-handle, knob-handle.

Premium category cylinders

We offer two different types of cylinders for our customers.

We only sell and distribute premium/high security category interactive cylinders, with telescopic pin-in-pin and joggled-joint pin structure. The cylinders are break-secure types. The cylinders have 3-5 keys and a plastic code card, which provide great protection against duplicating.

Since their key-stalk is narrow, they can be installed in every type of doors. If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Our company is the exclusive distributor of these cylinders, so we can provide you the best prices.

Key duplication is exclusively at our authorized partner. The cylinders are great for master key system as well.

RB cylinders are made in Israel.

Multipoint mortise locks for plastic and wooden doors

There are several modern communities in Hungary, where not standard size multipoint mortise locks are installed.

This kind of mortise lock is the cylinder operated Fuhr 65/72, with 20 mm wide frontal plate and with an upper and lower punch.

These multipoint locks are operated over 10 years, but many times because of the improper installation of the doors, they became tight and the gear breaks. In this case the mortise lock needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, this Fuhr multipoint lock cannot be bought in Hungary. The official distributor can order it from Germany, which takes up to 8-10 weeks and costs about 70.000 forints, which is very high.

Surface mount security rim locks (pump cylinder)

If you need 100 percent security immediately, the best solution can be Potent’s surface mount security rim lock, which is a pump cylinder lock. It can be installed on any kind of doors. It can provide the same security as a bar lock.

Because of the formation of its key, there is no way it can be opened by any manipulative proceedings.

To open it, it must be drilled or cut off by angle grinder.

Potent TN5, TN6, TN7, TN8 pump cylinder is a perfect choice for any doors; even you can install it yourself.

Potent’s pumps cylinders are on stock. Depending on your door’s thickness it is available with 5 cm, 6 cm, 7 cm and 8 cm long cylinder length. It can be purchased in key-key or key-knob versions.

This is an Italian armored cylinder rim lock, with grip-proof turning protection and drill proof washer, made in Torino. Our company is the exclusive Hungarian distributor of Potent’s locks. The selling price of Potent’s pump cylinder is about 30.000 forints.